6. Poly family-in-progress: A Spotter’s Guide

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4 Responses to “6. Poly family-in-progress: A Spotter’s Guide”

  1. DataGoddess Says:

    I have some friends who will have to draw diagrams when it’s time for the baby to be born – friend wanted child, couldn’t conceive with her husband. Husband’s girlfriend offered to have child for them. Husband and girlfriend are biological parents, but he will have 2 moms when he’s born, and will be raised by friend & husband, with girlfriend as a non-resident parent.

    • Lottie Says:

      That’s fantastic. 😀 Perhaps when I have more people following this comic, people will submit their poly geometry and I’ll post the most interesting ones! This one will definitely get a look in. 😉

      • Mary Bowden Says:

        Yeah, that’d be us. 😉 Except in/near the maternity room will probably just be bio-mom, her bf the dad, his wife (me), dad’s mother, maybe biomom’s mother, and friend or two. We’ll leave the dogs home. (And maybe the pizza guy, as the dogs would really rather have the pizza left with them.)

      • Lottie Says:

        Ha, I love how complex these families are! I often wonder how monogamous families cope without all those extra pairs of helping hands, too… 🙂

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