20. Coming Out 3

Click here to see the comic in its new home, plus more comics, at polyinpictures.com.

This series of five comics are all based on real coming out stories submitted to Tumblr, and they’re the ones that made me smile and laugh the most. Positive responses, supportive friends and complete unblinking acceptance are responses that do happen, and not just in LGBT situations like those covered here. I thought it would give the closeted readers some courage for if/when they decide to come out.

Three dudes playing around a Greek statue of a man's head. Dude 1: "What's up?" Dude 2: "I think I like guys..." Dude 3: "Instead of girls?" Dude 2: "In addition to girls." Dude 1: Well, go figure it out and let us know." Dude 2: "Uh... how?" Dude 1: "You know some gay guys!" Dude 3: "Yeah, go bone." Dude 2 with his arms in the air and a little red heart by his head.

Credit: PostBlogSubmitter / Photo taken by me at the Louvre in gay *snerk* Paree/is, though I’m majiggered if I can remember the name of this piece. Tell me in the comments if you know. I just thought it was amazing that he has a plant pot on his head. Like when you take a photo of someone and it looks like whatever’s behind them is actually on their head? Perhaps the sculpter didn’t realise that the plant pot was actually behind this guy?


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