23. M

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Panel 1: In the passport office. Clerk sat behind spoon: "Yes, si- mada- um?" Pleb: "I'd like to formally change my title to a gender neutral one?" Panel 2: Clerk: "What's wrong with Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc?" Pleb: "Well, I'm not a dude of a lady. How about just M? That way, I can be all of them." Clerk: "Um. What does that stand for?" Panel 3: Pleb is hidden behind cloud of smoke and stars. Clerk's papers are blown off the desk, and Clerk is hiding behind his arms. Panel 3: Pleb is dressed as Leeloo from The Fifth Element, saying "Multipass!"


One Response to “23. M”

  1. Claireej Says:

    “Multipass”..I love it.

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