About Me

My first “proper” relationship started when I was 15, and I already knew enough from dating some boys that a) I wasn’t keen on boys in general, and b) I am likely to cheat. In the words of Dan Savage, I didn’t fail at monogamy; monogamy failed me. So I suggested the relationship be open, a term I didn’t understand but knew enough to realise it was the next logical step. The relationship lasted 4 years, and ended when he got married to someone else and moved out. In that time, we’d even attempted a triad while still in school.

These days, I know it’s called polyamory, and I know other people who feel the same way, and I’m lucky enough to have lots of loving and lovely people in my life. Some of them I call lovers, and no one is more important than anyone else. I’m very aware that with my 9 years of experience I still haven’t read any of the excellent books out there, and that is mostly because I have too much to read.

In other news, I am very undefined in terms of sexuality and gender. At one point I had to stop calling myself a lesbian because I didn’t feel like a girl, and also because I kept ending up making connections with men for reasons still unknown. So now I’ve given up, and I love who I love, and anyone else who wants to define me… Well, they might find it difficult.

Anyway, as you can see, I waffle a lot. I thought maybe pictures would be a better way to express myself, since my poor confused brain can’t write eloquently enough.


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