Gender in this Comic

A friend has told me that he finds some of my comics unclear because the gender is too vague. As I write this, I have only made 7 and the first four or so are pretty unclear and odd; I put this down to inexperience, and I assume/hope that I’ll get better as I go!

At heart, I’m a great big idealist. I like to think that by putting things out there in the way they seem in my head, it’ll give people permission to see it differently and in their own way. This is why the gender tends to be unclear, and besides reasons of clarity I don’t intend to change this.

In relationships, I don’t think it’s even relevant for the most part whether the individuals define their gender or not. And with stick-figures, I dislike the way that “male” is depicted as the default, featureless shape and “female” has breasts and skirts and bows added. (This blog post has interesting things to say about toilet doors and gender.) So unless it’s directly relevant, I won’t obviously indicate a character’s gender or sex.

I guess it’s just not a big deal. What do you think? Please comment!


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