Here I’ll try to put some of the sites I love. Sex positive, poly positive, gender positive. All of that jobby.

Xeromag: Polyamory Glossary. Handy, no? Some great poly coming out stories, and a great source of general poly info.

Polyamory Weekly. Awesome podcast.

Sex Is Not The Enemy. A thought-provoking tumblr that has stuff to say about porn, sex positivity and gender stuff. Lots of hot photos, and very queer-friendly.

Huzzah, Actually Good Porn! Tumblr. A little bit like Sex Is Not The Enemy, though instead of a tendency towards gender exploration there’s a tendency towards bondage.

What Polyamory is Not, a list by LoveJunkie

Coming Clean: Transitioning from cheating to a polyamorous relationship, an article by TechnoMom

Practical Polyamory, a blog and info site by Anita Wagner


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